Which one is better? Casement or Silding window?


    Firstly, we need to understand what sliding windows are and what side hung windows are. Sliding windows move horizontally along the track to open and close on both sides; A casement window is a door or window that is hinged and installed on the side of the door or window, opening inward or outward.

   Sliding and flat windows are two commonly used window opening methods at present. With the same glass and accessory materials, each type of door and window has its own advantages. After understanding, everyone can choose according to their own needs.

     From the perspective of appearance, the casement window can give the facade effect of any line, which is more compatible with the large partition french window. The overall visual effect is spacious and bright, with good permeability, which is more suitable for high-end residential buildings. Sliding windows can only be pushed horizontally and are difficult to match with fixed glass with large compartments. However, sliding windows do not occupy indoor and outdoor space and are suitable for small residential areas such as office areas, kitchens, bathrooms, study rooms, etc.

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